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Aceto, Bonner & Cole, PC, is located in the Financial District and provides clients throughout the Greater Boston area with high-quality and cost-effective legal counsel. The attorneys at the firm take pride in their integrity, legal representation and client-centered approach.

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The benefits of federally registering a trademark

Once company owners in Massachusetts or across the nation have developed a name, logo, phrase or symbol to represent their business, product or line of products, they may want to consider protecting that mark from their competitors...

A primer on the different business structures and their benefits

Choosing a legal business structure can be one of the most influential decisions that a business owner or entrepreneur makes. In Massachusetts, the type of entity that a person chooses can have wide-ranging impact...

Can employers fire workers for marijuana use?

One of the more contentious issues to come up in employment law in recent years is whether people who legally use prescription medical marijuana can be fired by employers who carry out drug tests. In Massachusetts, this is far from...

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