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The attorneys at the law office of Aceto, Bonner & Cole PC, have been practicing together for more than 10 years. In every case, the lawyers strive to provide clients with the high-quality representation they need, while always being accessible and responsive to questions that arise.

The pain of losing a loved one can be aggravated by the complexities of probate. However, probate can be administered without major obstacles and does not need to add to the stress of the situation. Working with experienced lawyers can help ensure every detail is attended to, the administration moves efficiently and promptly, and deadlines are met, and if any disputes arise, the firm can be ready to resolve the matters as efficiently as possible. The lawyers at Aceto, Bonner & Cole PC, represent individuals throughout the Greater Boston area in all areas of potential disputes that arise during representation in probate matters, including:

  • Paying creditors
  • Identifying beneficiaries
  • Distributing assets
  • Transferring property
  • Resolving tax issues

Guidance At Every Step Of The Process

Whether you have questions about probating an estate or tactics to avoid probate, the lawyers at Aceto, Bonner & Cole PC, can help. Learn more about your legal options by scheduling an initial consultation. The firm can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 617-209-2998.

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